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Welcome to White Forest Art, an online and pop-up gallery based in Fort Collins, Colorado, exhibiting artworks by contemporary American artists. We're a gallery created by artists for artists.

We operate a little differently than most galleries. Traditionally, galleries curate the artwork they carry. They often require artists to paint the same painting over and over because they know they can sell it over and over. It's great if an artist loves a composition so much that they WANT to paint it repeatedly; it's quite another if they MUST paint it. This cycle can be the death of an artist's creativity as they lose their freedom to explore new ideas and follow the muse. Naturally, we want artwork that sells, but we also want healthy artists whose artwork is fresh and inspired. So, at White Forest Art, we curate the artist, and the artist curates the art.

We choose our artists carefully. First and foremost, we seek artists who possess a solid, positive, creative voice and are also masters of their mediums – in other words, they must be exceptional! Furthermore, they must have a strong sales history because those are the artists who know how to create art that connects with other humans, which is a hurdle many artists never overcome. 

When we find an artist with artistic giftedness, a clear voice, and who can connect with collectors, we have an artist we can trust to curate work for White Forest Art. That's good for the artist, and that's good for collectors like YOU! 


Christa Jackson

General Manager

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