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Ali Mignonne 
Sculptural Painter

Texas native, Ali Mignonne, comes from a family of gifted women. Daughter of the well-known artist, Sherri Mignonne, the tradition and love of painting was passed down through the generations beginning with her great-grandmother. With no formal training, she honed her skills by working side by side with her mother and grandmother, studying techniques of artists she admired, and following her most treasured guide: Intuition.

Nature has always been one of Ali’s great loves. Her childhood home site was a virtual jungle with Oaks, Cedars, Willows, and more. She spent countless hours climbing and exploring trees, fascinated by the various textures of bark and leaf shapes and by the countless critters she discovered living in them. She has always felt a deep sense of connectedness with trees, sensing their life force and respecting the symbiotic relationship mankind has with them. Ali’s paintings are a mixture of the earth’s wonders and the mind’s fancy. She combines ordinary scenes with bold colors, dramatic texture, and a variety of fun extras, such as shimmery crystals and epoxy, to create magical settings. Her trademark sculptural style developed by chance in the early 2000s after a year of home renovations. As she was using joint compound to create a stone wall effect in her home, she discovered its versatility and began experimenting with brick and stone effects. Seeing that the compound would hold any shape, the idea occurred to her to sculpt a floor-to-ceiling tree in her dining room, but rather than experimenting on her freshly painted walls, she took her idea to canvas. After much trial and error, she developed her current technique of using palette knives and cake decorating tools to create 3-D mixed-media scenes that pop off the canvas.

Ali’s paintings have been collected by art connoisseurs around the world. In addition to painting, Ali recently achieved a lifelong dream of writing a novel, Tangled Fates. Deeply embedded in nature, Tangled Fates combines mystery, history, science fiction, and romance into a vivid, literary work of art about the interconnectedness of mankind and how each man’s action has the power to alter the lives of others.