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Ali Mignonne

Sculptural Tree Painter

Ali's artistic repertoire is a diverse landscape, but it's the enchanting world of trees that truly captivates her creative spirit. Her palette is a versatile spectrum, ranging from the serene monochromatic hues of whites and grays to the vibrant vibrancy of multi-colored expressions. Ali has gained notable recognition for her innovative approach to painting, often described as a 3D or sculptural style, where her images seem to burst forth from the canvas. In her quest for unique visual impact, Ali employs an array of tools and techniques, including the intricate art of sculpting figurines and the application of resin, all orchestrated to achieve her desired artistic effects.

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Available Paintings

Art in

Sometimes it helps to see what art will look like in a home. We've put together this gallery to help you visualize. 

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Artist Statement

I have an infinite number of subject matters at my disposal when I stand in front of my canvas, but ultimately, I paint that which moves me or thrills me. 

Nature thrills me. When hiking beside a trickling stream with sunlight streaking the trees, I'm impervious to negative feelings. I'm invigorated by twisting pathways, connected to rocks, whether giant boulders or tiny pebbles, cheered by delicate flowers, intrigued by busy bees, and mesmerized by things with feathers. I'm humbled by towering trees, in awe of the nighttime sky, and thrilled by the vibrant colors that coat them all. Nature is thrilling and provides endless inspiration for an artist.

Color thrills me. What can I say to express my love of color? I have to admit that the right (or wrong) color combination can make or break my mood. Color affects me greatly, and I've seen it affects others too. Every time I begin a painting, I consider the color palette first. I want to use the right shade, tone, brightness, and contrast. Every color has a different wavelength. It moves through your eyes as music moves through your ears. That's why some colors complement and enhance each other, creating harmony, while others create discord. The correct use of color is one of my most significant objectives and one of my greatest challenges.

Fantasy thrills me. I like to escape reality every chance I get. Let's face it; life can be a little too real sometimes. That's why I like to paint scenes that are unreal.  Like white elephants walking amongst Aspen trees, hot pink trees in red grass, giant moons, and giraffes wading in the turquoise waters. I like to escape reality, and I hope to transport others along with me.

The Muse thrills me. I saved this for last, but it's probably the most important factor for an artist. "The Muse"  is defined as "a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.​" Who knows what the muse actually is or where this source of inspiration really comes from? I tend to believe it comes from within myself, endowed to me at conception by my maker, but I can't discount the possibility that it's an outside force, spirit, or angel because when the muse arrives, it's seemingly from nowhere and with a creative explosion of ideas like the big bang. They rain down, and I must grab all of them as fast I can before they are sucked into a black hole, never to be seen again. The muse giveth, and the muse taketh away, and without her, I would probably be crunching numbers at a bank today instead of creating works of art. Luckily for me, my muse has been active and generous with me all my life.   


Nature has always been one of Ali’s great loves. Her childhood home site in Texas was covered in trees. She spent countless hours climbing and exploring them, fascinated by the various textures of bark and leaf shapes and by the countless critters she discovered living in them. She has always felt a deep sense of connectedness with trees, sensing their life force and respecting the symbiotic relationship mankind has with them.


Ali’s paintings are a mixture of the earth’s wonders and the mind’s fancy. She combines ordinary scenes with bold colors, dramatic texture, and a variety of fun extras, such as shimmery crystals and resin, to create magical settings.


Her trademark sculptural style developed by chance in the early 2000s after a year of home renovations. As she was using drywall mud to create a stone wall effect in her home, she discovered its versatility and began experimenting. Seeing that the compound would hold any shape, the idea occurred to her to sculpt a floor-to-ceiling tree in her dining room, but rather than experimenting on her freshly painted walls, she took her idea to canvas. After much trial and error, she developed her current technique of using palette knives and cake-decorating tools to create 3-D mixed-media scenes that pop off the canvas. Ali’s paintings have been collected by art connoisseurs around the world.


In addition to painting, Ali achieved a lifelong dream of writing a novel, Tangled Fates. Deeply embedded in nature, Tangled Fates combines mystery, history, science fiction, and romance into a vivid, literary work of art about the interconnectedness of mankind and how each man’s action has the power to alter the lives of others. If you love visually immersive stories in magical settings, you will love Tangled Fates! It's available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook.  Learn more and buy it on Ali's website

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