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Sherri Mignonne

Sherri Mignonne grew up in Dallas, Texas. From early on, Sherri knew she wanted to be an artist, having varied interests in painting, photography, music, and writing.  Eventually, after pursuing all of the above with a passion, her love of painting emerged as her primary form of creative expression.

As a teenager, she spent hours painting colorful expressionist style works that amazed her family and friends.  Additionally, she enjoyed studying with her grandmother who painted beautiful landscapes and pursued other styles for commissioned pieces. She was also greatly influenced by her mother who was a gifted decorator and artist. Sherri continued her artistic studies at the University of Texas at Arlington, as well as by attending workshops and learning through self-study.  


Sherri spent many years continuing to grow as an artist even as she raised her 5 children.  Eventually, it was time for her to focus on the art career she had been preparing for and she began to paint for galleries.


The love for aspen trees came suddenly while on vacation in the mountains of Colorado.  The beauty of the tall white trees with their watchful black eyes and silvery leaves that make a beautiful sound unlike any other tree captivated me instantly.  When I traveled up into the higher elevations of Colorado where there was nothing else as far as the eye could see other than these magnificent, towering giants, I was in awe.  They have a hypnotic effect on me.   As I began to paint the trees I wanted to convey the sense of wonder and magic that I felt when I was amongst them.   I found that the use of gold, silver, and copper in the background of my paintings gave them both an elegant and magical feel that I desired. I continue to explore ways to make them even more magical as time goes by.