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Yes, our heads are in the clouds! We are dreamers! We look up and reach beyond the here and now in search of something new. We find the beautiful, inspirational, evocative, meaningful, and profound and bring it down to earth to share with the world. 

Dreaming Tree

Dreaming Tree by Sherri Mignonne


We look inward. We look outward. We seek whatever is good and true in the universe. We look for the eternal but take time to be present and contemplate the temporal knowing the truths we seek may be hidden here.

Native Dancer.jpg

Native Dancer by Vicki Renfro


Who among us can breathe and not be a lover of nature? Nature is in us and around us. It is our essence. We spend time walking amongst the aspens and pines. We bend down and reach into the crisp mountain stream to pick up a pebble that catches our eye. We stop and gaze in awe at a golden eagle circling in the sky. We connect with nature then we share that connection through our creation.

Seek Refuge.jpg

Seek Refuge by Ali Mignonne